Our Programs

Program for Kids

Our goal is simple: we want to develop exemplary martial artists who are strong in both skill and character, and feel that achievement of this goal begins with the instruction of our youngest practitioners. 

We utilize an age-based approach to our children’s instructional curriculum, which is specifically designed to develop the traits necessary for success not only in the martial arts, but at home, school, and in life as a whole. At 13 years of age, students enter the adult program. All of our classes, regardless of age, are taught in an encouraging manner, with an emphasis on building confidence, social interaction skills, and martial discipline. 

Youth classes are scheduled 6:45PM to 7:30 PM

Mon - Sparring Class (optional)

Tue/Thurs - General Instruction

Sat - 9 AM to 10 AM Combined Class Adult/Kids

Program for Adults

Double A Kempo Karate has always considered the training of adult martial arts students to be the cornerstone of our system, and it is in this area that we truly excel. 

Regardless if the student is new to the martial arts or has had years of prior training, each individual will find our course of instruction both rewarding and challenging. 

Adult classes offer unparalleled real world self-defense instruction, which is often impractical to bestow upon our younger students.

Because our system offers a standardized curriculum of instruction, the student will have no doubt as to what is expected of them for advancement, and how to get the most out of their training. Students will be evaluated at specific time intervals to monitor their progress, and will earn advanced rank based on those evaluations. 

Adult classes are scheduled 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Mon - Sparring Class (optional)

Tue/Thurs - General Instruction

Sat - 9 AM to 10 AM Combined Class Adult/Kids

Weapons Katas

The Shorinji Toraken Ryu Sogo Kempo Jutsu system also incorporates some weapons kata.

As part of the standardized curriculum, students will also get exposure to techniques for Kai Bo Staff, Jo Staff, & Bo staff (later belt levels)