American Kempo Karate Association

What We Teach...

We teach the system of martial arts known as Shorinji Toraken Ryu Sogo Kempo Jutsu. This system is a modern, semitraditional

amalgamation of Kempo, Jujutsu, Karate, internal arts, and Weapons. It can be best characterized as a semitraditional

art, focused on providing the tools necessary to react correctly in real world situations, not competitions.

Association membership is required to advance in the Shorinji Toraken Ryu system.  Dues are required and assessed annually, separate from monthly instruction fees.

Annual Membership - $36

Limited Lifetime Membership - $120*

* Based on maintaining active instruction with any gaps not to exceed 2 years.

Why the Association exists...

In 1980, Dr. Ronald Cherry formed the American Kempo Karate Association to govern and promote the Shorinji Toraken Ryu system of martial arts. 

Dr. Cherry was the Soke of the Shorinji Toraken Ryu system of martial arts, and the president of the American Kempo Karate Association from 1980 until 2003, at which time he formally passed down the art and the association to Ray D. Ferrell. 

Although Dr. Cherry continues to remain active within the association in an advisory capacity, Nidai Soke Ferrell is now the acting President of Operations for the American Kempo Karate


For additional information on the American Kempo Karate Association, students should contact us with quesitons concerning the association.

AKKA Benefits

1. Direct access to the Soke of the Shorinji Toraken Ryu system - Headquarters in Charlotte NC

2. Instruction and credentialing in a reputable system of martial arts with a confirmed and traceable lineage - No rank in our system has

ever, or will ever, be given away.

3. The ability to train in a multitude of sub arts that encompass the Shorinji Toraken Ryu Sogo Kempo Jutsu system

4. Access to a standardized instructional system

5. The ability to continue training and teach your native style - While the art of Shorinji Toraken Ryu includes a standardized

progression through the curriculum with performance expectations that must be upheld, we do not limit the ability of the

dojo owner to continue to teach or train in any other style.

6. Access to other fantastic instructors from across the world who are closely associated with the AKKA